• Postcards from the creativly maladjusted.

    Celebrating MLK Day with some arty thoughts. His quote

    "Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively

    maladjusted" speaks to me in volumes. It is the perfect

    definition of me.

    A friend on the book of faces asked the general gang

    what they felt that they got out of creating art. For

    my part my brain gets bombarded with so many ideas for

    creatures and story images that in my youth it was

    distracting. So in an effort to dull the noise I drew

    them out, emptying the bucket as it were. I love

    telling stories with illustration, telling a novel in

    an image. Norman Rockwell was a big influence for me

    because of his wonderful characters and his ability to

    tell so much in a little vignette.

    When I make a piece I want the viewer to process it a

    certain way, like putting a little roadsign in their

    head, a little shortcut. I also like to put a bit of

    humor in my stuff and when I watch someone looking at a

    piece and they get that look on their face I know they

    got the hidden joke even if they don't mention it. It

    means they get me and we've connected. I also like

    bringing little beings to life, whether they're happy

    or sad, victorious or in retreat. It's all part of

    thier story.

    Little friends, some perfectly made or more often

    broken and deformed which was my mentality in my

    youth. Now I'm proud to be a monster or as Mr. King

    would have it, creativly maladjusted.

    The Beer:

    Saugatuck Brewing Company Blueberry Maple Stout

    I know another one right? BUT I had people ask what were the blueberry beers I thought were good. This is it. This dark brown concotion smells nice and has a wonderfully balanced blueberry flavor with malty stout goodness and a nice little maple taste at the end. Some people think of it as a dessert beer but I think it goes fine with a meal too. It's stout thick and slightly sweet but the blueberry gives a bit of tartness without being too much.

    I give it an 8 stack of lumberjack pancakes.

  • All projects great and small

    First formal post for what I hope will be an ongoing thing.

    My goal for this is to talk about art, instruct where I can, entertain and amuse. Also review a beer or two in the bargain. That in itself is oddly timed because every January for the last few year I have gone

    cold turkey in the booze department mostly as an experiment.

    Many people expound the benefits of this but for my part I notice mostly better sleep patterns. All that

    said rest assured I am well versed in all manner of beverages.

    I like to draw monsters. I like many different mediums, all are means to an end. None are better or more real to my mind, my computer is just the pencil I plug in.

    I've created art for card games, board games, book illustrations, storyboards, movie props, concept art,

    package design, screen printing for garments, CD covers, posters, panel layouts for science equipment, medical illustrations and even designs drawn in the

    dirt on the sides of vehicles.

    Many irons in many fires, I'm interested in absolutely everything.

    The Beer:

    Buffalo Bill's Brewery Blueberry Oatmeal Stout.

    I've had a couple very tasty blueberry flavored beers, this was not one of them.

    This could be used as an enema if you wanted poop to have a bad day.

    Should you find yourself in the presence of this beer, run away


    This beer does not like you, it hates everything you stand for. It is an angry beer and will

    transform into a foaming gyser upon opening (This has happened both times I bought this stuff.).

    It sat next to blueberries like a pod person and absorbed it's form and became an unfeeling liquid devoid of joy.

    The problem with this is that beer with fruit should have notes of it throughout, this one only hints at a flavor at best. This tastes like a roadie with an armload of gear was kicked down some stairs

    Do you like swill? Then buy some and throw this stuff away.

    I've never wanted to give a bottle the finger before, now I do.

    Please keep in mind that I love Stouts and Porters best and am not a fan of "hoppy" beers like IPAs so that the fact that I had a bad time with this one is telling.

    Score: 1 planetary invasion by our purple overlords and subsequent death of all life in 75 hours.

  • Greetings weirdos and fellow space travelers!!

    The beginning of hopefully an entertaining screed that will be updated with the similar cosistency of most bloggers. I'm planning on talking about art, works in progress ,whatever shower thoughts spring to mind and doing beer reviews because i like beer.


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