• Win some, lose some. Try none , win none.

    Recently put in for the jury of Spectrum, a fantasy art anthology of some note and...didn't get in. There are always a lot of heavy hitters artwise in these things and many are people I know and well deserving of the accolades due them. It can be tough for some artists to be judged and found wanting, some creative people never put their works out there in the public for that very reason and so the world never knows them. It is disappointing to not be chosen, the signal that your personal skill bar has been raised and more will now be expected of you. The feeling to throw their hands in the air in disgust and yell "This is bullshit, I quit!" and burn their portfolio in the driveway and never create again is strong. But my advice is to not give into the quit monster, the bar has raised for you either way and now keep doing what you were before. You don't create so you can win an award, you create because every day your skull is hammered with inspiration, some many ideas that you've forgoten half of all the things you thought of. You have people, monsters and worlds you need to show people. You need to communicate about places that don't exist and times that never were. You're the only way the people of planet Earth will ever experience them. A creative travel agent to fly the weird skies.

    The beer: Magnum Mead Ale by Black Dragon Meadery

    That's right, not a stout or porter again. Look at all the personal growth. I'm a mead fan to begin with and this one is a beer/ mead hybrid and is a nice balance of dry and sweet in one golden beverage. Really nice aroma and very tasty.

    I'd let it shiver me timbers and follow it anywhere. 4 booties and a yard arm.

    (photo courtesy of Black Dragon Meadery)

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