• The Lady or The Turkey (A retelling of a time long ago.)

    Once upon a time there was an artist. Not a Jackson Pollock artist or a Grandma Moses artist, just a big, friendly con artist.

    With sleeves rolled up and diligently working Our Hero is approached by, let's call this person, Bowling Ball Head.

    The hall was bright and cool and ripe with the smell of commerce, Dame fortune smiled on us all and we were flush, baby.

    "Good day, stout yeoman!" cried BBH. " I seek a drawing, as a child might do by tracing it's hand, of a turkey."

    "Certainly" our hirsute scribbler replied, his mind already in motion and his mood was high as the task amused him. "For this I shall require $25".

    The storm-cloud of incredulity swept over the proto-customer's face "What?! It'll take you like 5 seconds to do! Why so much?" BBH cried, fists shaking to the sky.

    Our Hero explained that he could do something for free or he could work on something that makes him money. "I would love to work on it for you but I must be paid for my time." he said sagely.

    "Fine, I'll go find another artist! Harumph!" said BBH. And with that the figure harumphed away.

    And so our doodler dude was a little spare but with good friends around him his mood lightened and the day was sweet.

    Later that day our man looked up and found the excrement eating grin of BBH standing before him with a picture in hand of the familiar turkey drawing deftly done by one of his peers.

    "He did this for me for $5" the now very annoying and rude BBH smirked "would you like to change your offer now? *grin* *smirk*".

    Our Hero, having been hoisted by his own petard...oh wait that's total crap!

    Our Hero looked calmly into the black rimmed glasses that barely contained this breathtakingly stupid question and said with a small smile "Not now."

    With that BBH skipped off tee hee, forever doomed to live in what was loosely called a skull ,though gerbil litter-box might be more appropriate, forever.

    The next day upon reflection Our Hero decided to do a turkey for himself and hung it up on the wall with a much more agreeable price...it sold of course.

    The moral of this story: You'll get more turkey with politeness than by being a dork.

    The Beer: Oddside Ales Mayan Mocha Stout

    This thick concoction is the stuff of legends. Spicy and rch, peppery and chocolate. This beer has a lot to unpack. The slight zing at the end keeps around like a guest you don't want to leave. Really good with a meal, not so much a summer drink. Not sweet enugh to be a dessert beer. It's like a hug in a bottle.

    Rating: One giant sun baked pyramid where you rule for all time.

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