• Honorable mentions

    Recently I was asked to be the Artist Guest of honor at one of my big shows, Origins Game Fair (http://originsgamefair.com/). A show that I've been doing for 14 years now. It was my first BIG show when I started attending conventions with nothing but 6 prints and a purple tabel cloth. I was sat at the beack of the huge exhibit hall between two more experienced artists, Heather Kreiter with a table chock full of paintings, prints and taxidermy gryphons she'd made herself and William O'Connor, a quiet fellow seated at his table with one big painting behind him and a few prints on the table. As an aside I thought William was also a new guy because he wasn't loaded down with product. Later I found out his astounding artistic pedigree and would see him at many shows after.

    Over the years the artshow would move across the hall and then down the hall, they took a cut of the slaes for awhile because they could run credit cards for us and hen we just hadnled the money. I would meet so many of my art compadres and ride the warp and weft of the business of the fantasy art world growing and improving. Gaining more experience through working with the show and with game companies. It would become one of my regular big shows where i would meet actual fans of my work and see regulars every year for commission or just a kind word or two. It really is a marvel when i sit and think about it.

    All that said Artists and other creative types that rely on being the avatar of thier profession often have what is known as "Imposter syndrome" where we don't feel estimable of accolades bestowed on them no matter how well desreved. That it's only a mtter of time before the world finds out what frauds we are and takes it all away.. Kinda messed up right?

    It's a tough rumble sometimes but at the end of the day I'm grateful for the nods and odds that people feel is worthwhille of them to grant me. I

    ll still keep drawing but it's nice to know I'm not unnoticed.

    The Beer: Barley's Scottish Ale ™

    Barley's Brewing is across the street from Origins and I frewuent it while I'm there and one of the beers they make is particularly delicious AND it's not a stout. Pause for surprise.

    The Scotch Ale is a little citrusy and so carmelized and rich. It's not as thick as a stout and is a wonderful end to a hot day of setting up for the show or after a day of selling and hanign out with the fans. It goes great with all their food, I like it with burgers and they sell out of it at the show so get it whiel it's there.

    I give it 5 days of gaming out of 5 and failed my save vs. beer.

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