• Alone again, creativly.

    Not quite in a Gilbert O'Sullivan way but there you are.

    While not exactly lonely the life of a creative individual specifically one that uses the majority of their time to create and manage a way to support themselves through life with their works is a solitary one for the most part even when surrounded by friends and family. Some are introverts that thrive in the solitude but an equal number of freelance social animals that crave company who find the exile a bit stressful at times as the want to bounce ideas off of someone gets on top of them and the quietude seems oppressive.

    A price to be paid for steering your own ship of fate.

    While collaborations can be wonderful things in the end an artist can only create alone. The introverted artist is a common theme and there are people of note who've done studies on the psychology of creative solitude, of the flow of the artistic mind. This why interrupted artists tend to get cranky because they can't just drop back into the stream where they left off, they mentally have to go back to the start and go forth again, now trodding a path that has soured. Before a pristine expanse undiscovered it is now a pragmatic path of utility necessary only to get to the point and robbed of some of its joy.

    Many artists have gone on at length of the creative power of solitude saying that is when their best ideas arrive.

    I've personally found a wealth of ideas and flow when I'm having "Shower thoughts", that is mind rambles while I'm in the shower. Something about the enclosed space and constant spray of warm water helps me focus like no other and I've actively focused on one idea before entering the shower and found an ease of solving that particular creative question upon getting out. Other artist friends have written about shower thoughts as well and the need for seclusion when creating as well as the benefit of returning to the throng of life and feeding from the energies of the collective. I love being around other creatives at conventions and in groups, recharging my internal batteries and getting my needs for social interaction met in the bargain.

    It's a weird world that we walk in.

    The Beer: The Mitten Brewing Co. Peanuts and Cracker Jack Robust Porter.

    This is one delicious drink and no mistake. Dark beer with a nice aroma of peanuts, chocolate and a bit of malt. Peanut and caramel flavors, slightly sweet malt but not sticky. Not as heavy as I thought it would be. Goes nicely with many things. Caveat it's made with peanuts so if you have an allergy I'd stay away.

    I give it 3 Damn Yankees and a handful of cornfield baseball ghosts.

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