• Spring and stuff

    Trying to come up with a blog post this go and not much rattling around the ol' brainpan. A lot of chagnes going on wih friends and peers. Life and business stuff, new babies and loss. Yours truly has been noodling some old demons and feels largely like I'm on top...most of the time anyway. Some goals for this coming are a few sets of art in a theme, trying to move forward on a few books when I can. I'm letting the bad stuff roll off and going forth. I hope you'll all stick around.

    The Beer: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout 2019

    HOLY CRAP! Coffee and Chocolate flavors combined with delicious bourbon hits that form a robot made of lions. So freakin' good. The only cons like many good beer is the four pack BS AND it's not cheap. Not your swillin beer during the game to be sure this ambrosia needs to be paried with some tasty food and good music.

    10/10 Robeasts love it!

  • Happy New Beerd!

    The old year out and the new proto-year barely formed mes amis.

    One can only imagine the coming outrages, scandals, crimes, murders, deaths, injunctions, incarcerations. What shape will the world be in when we reach this very spot next year? Will I be here next year? Will you? Maybe the light will shine again, the "bad guys" out and the "good guys" in. Help at last, justice at last, equitability becomes the norm, villainy laid to rest and all within is gold. The last minute save, the heroes triumphant.

    Maybe people will take better care of themselves and when they're feeling froggy maybe start helping the other folks out. Maybe we'll be more civic minded and weigh in to remove the career politicians and corporations to make the machine work for the people like it should. Maybe we'll realize everyone isn't or mustn’t or can't or shouldn't or must or will or else.

    Philosophy now officially waxed.

    The Beer: Boulevard Brewing Co. Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Yes the new year brings a stout and holy crap is it nice.

    It's thick and malty, really rich so you're not going to put too much of this one away in one sitting. Coffee and chocolate are there and it all makes for an imperial stout that isn't as bitter and a nice drink. Probably better with a meal not really for getting a couple pints in of an evening.

    I give this one a 20/19 and it's set the bar pretty high for the year.

  • Years and Beers

    SO summer come and gone, the temperature returns to a reasonable number for this northern creature. Origins was nice as a show and I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity. I'm never sure what to expect at this type of thing what the pomp and circumstance level will be. I only really felt like a fish out of water once during an event that i hadn't much planned on. But good for all that. Glad to get back into the studio to get creating.

    A bit glum this year as some friends have shuffled off over the rainbow bridge style of thing. I’ll never get used to that and I suppose that’s good. It means I don’t have a little black rock for a heart.

    Just punching it out with my little demon monkeys to get on with things.

    Hoping the fog clears up.

    The Beer: Eviltwin Brewing Imperial Biscotti Break.

    We return to the old favorites and this is a light blocking stout and no mistake. Not as bitter as other imperial high octane stouts are. I think the almond and vanilla nock it down a bit. At 11.5%ABV this one will sneak up on you so tread gently, sipping as you go and enjoying. It’s easy and a bit sweet.

    This one gets 9 big heaping plates of cookies as you like them in your tummy.

  • "Shut it, you're awesome!"

    This week is notable for me as I'll be the Artist Guest of Honor at Origins Game Fair 2018. I've been doing this show for 14 years and it's nice to see how far I've come professionally and how my style has evolved. Many of my friends and peers have had this honor as well and it feels good to be added to that list. It has also given me a chance to reflect on how I've been doing in my art world, how many cool pieces I've created and and how my technique has refined. I can tell that little monster in my skull to shut it and see how awesome we are. And it helps that i have so many friends and fans that say nice things as well. Thanks to you all.

    The beer: Leinenkugels Orange Shandy

    I know another not stout or porter, what's this madness? This is a nice summer beer. Citrus aroma and gold color. If you like a shandy this is a nice alternative. Orange instead of the traditional lemony fare. Refreshing indeed and goes with all manner of food.

    I give it 7 happy manatees lounging in a watercress laden pool.

  • The mind of an artist or the mad monkey inside.

    Recently an artist friend was expressing that she was having a very common feeling expressed not only by creative types but professionals of many walks and even parents in some cases. The Impostor syndrome, that dark little imp that saps the joy from efforts and awards telling us we aren't any good or that someone made a mistake giving us the accolade and it's only a matter of time before they drop the other shoe on our heads. The feeling that everyone else has their shit together while you're just flailing about or that people know way more than you.

    I've attended many conventions with this artist over the years and i've watched her art skills grow in leaps and bounds, we're both now "seasoned" professionals apparently. I told her that I too still go through this and I've just been awarded an Aritst Guest of Honor at an upcoming show I've been attending for 14 years.

    My deep dark secret...I never feel like I've accomplished as much artistic gravitas as my peers, there is a certain visual style that many of my contemporaries produce with epic painted landscapes rife with adventure and emotion that only someone without eyes would not want gracing the walls of their home. While I'll be setting up with my stuff in the 10' x 20' booth with weird little homonculi, visual slapstick, and eye puns galore.

    Then I do a bit of fact checking because my brain conveniently tends to forget all the cool stuff I've done artistically and how many people have said many kind words to me about my work and my sense of humor.

    It doesn't stop the little grey monkey in my head from poop targeting my self esteem but it messes his aim up.

    Self confidence in your ability to succeed is such a hard thing to juggle sometimes. There are people I'm sure that are unflagging in their abilities and position in this grand show but I posit that they are few and far between and that our minds generalize and normalize people we admire who happen to do amazing stuff as the status quo. They must obviously get up every day with hot and cold running awesome and unicorn bacon sammiches and thus we mere starstruck mortals with our pedantic "coffee" and "work" are utter failures because we're not sucking down mana with the gods. That's the monkey talking, the monkey doesn't hate you but it's not here to help either. It's noise, pay it as little mind as possible. And it's always ok to take a sounding now and then however you feel comfortable by asking friends or posting something for feedback. My fellow meat beings, unless people are hitting you with sticks or setting you on fire, they probably like you.

    The Beer: New Holland Dragon's Milk Cherry Choclate stout (duh.)

    This one was unusual in that it was delicious as I've come to expect Dragon's Milk BUT the cherry and choclate notes were really mild to me. The only reason I knew i had actually not been drinking regular Dragon's Milk was someone asked how the cherry was. I had to look at the label. Still delicious as Dragon's Milk with it's thick stout and bourbon wonder and it may be better for people that don't like alot of other flavors but just to have a hint of it.

    I give it 6 chewed dwarves lightly roasted.


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